Solutions Whale Strandings

Solutions Whale Strandings Mystery
Solutions Whale Strandings Mystery

Solutions Whale Strandings 2015

Dec 09: Whale Dangerous Earthquakes South of Perth

Dec 09: Seaquake Causes 27 Dolphin to Strand Baja California

Nov 23: seaquake kills 337 baleen whales in Chile

Aug 24: NOAA whale scientists dumbfounded

14 Aug: stranded dolphin is stone deaf

Aug 08: seaquake causes pilot whales to strand in Nova Scotia

Jul 27: is the seaquake stranding solution flawed as some scientists claim?

Jun 01: 21 Pilots stranded in the Isles of Skye Injured on the Reykjanes Ridge

May 22: dead whales washing ashore on the California Coast

May 10: earthquake kills 20 Sei Whales near Chile Coast

Apr 10: seaquake near Guam strands 150 melon-headed whales in Japan

Solutions Whale Strandings 2014

Dec 25: navigation failure in mass stranded whales

Dec 08: seaquake causes 7 sperm whales to beach in Southern Australia

Nov 24: seaquake causes 3 sperm whales to beach at Golden Bay, New Zealand

Nov 04: seaquake causes 60 pilot whales to beach in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Oct 29: nine pilots stranded on Prince Edward Island injured by earthquake

Apr  11: seaquake injury causes 60 pilots to beach in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Mar 20: Cape Ray Newfoundland 37 dolphins mass beach

14 Mar: undersea quakes louder than nuclear explosions

Mar 13: seaquakes causing whale strandings for at least 32 million years

Mar 02: blue whale killed by seaquake beaches in Kuwait

Feb 27: seaquake kills young killer whale

23 Feb: predicting mass beachings based on seaquakes in known whale habitats

Feb 21: lessons in understanding why whales beach

18 Feb: seaquake in the Greenland Sea kills 3 sperm whales

Feb 12: nine orcas killed by seaquake

Jan 30: Cape Cod mass stranding predicted

20 Jan: undersea earthquake causes 39 pilot whales to strand at Naples, Florida

Jan 16: seaquakes cause 65 pilot whales to beach in Golden Bay, New Zealand

05 Jan: earthquake causes 30 pilot whales to beach in Golden Bay, New Zealand

Solutions Whale Strandings 2013

Dec 06: why did pilot whales beach near the Florida Everglades?

Apr 30: seaquake causes 6 killer whales to beach in Iceland

Apr 25: beached pilot whales force Europe to stop war games

Solutions Whale Strandings 2012

Dec 08: pilot whales beached in South Carolina injured by 3 earthquakes

Nov 15: pilot whales beach at Golden Bay, New Zealand

Nov 04: seaquake causes two pods of pilots to beach at King Island, Australia

Oct 28: pilot whales strand on North Andaman Island

Oct  17:  earthquakes cause New Zealand whale stranding

Sep 09: earthquake kills pregnant sperm whale

Sep 03: seaquake-injured pilot whales strand on Scotland beach

Aug 24: two quakes cause near beaching in Cape Verde

Jul 28: 200 Pilot Whales in Deep Trouble Northwest of Iceland

Mar 19: Four Sperm Whales Wash Ashore on a Chinese Beach

Solutions Whale Strandings 2011

Dec  31: world’s rarest whales killed by undersea earthquake

Mar 06: 52 melon-headed dolphins strand in Japan north of Taiji

Solution Whale Strandings 2008

Nov 20: 52 Pilot Whales Stranded in Tasmania November 2008